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  • Increasing visits on your website
  • Improve search engine rankings with thematic articles with backlinks
  • Extending reach on social networks and gaining new followers
  • You will be visible because you will be written about on the Internet
  • Save up to 90% of time – automate the process of ordering, reviewing and publishing articles
  • Publish articles up to 70% faster – direct connection to redactions
How does it work?
  1. Describe the task for your campaign
  2. Choose from the catalog websites and influencers who should write about you
  3. Check articles / recommendations before publication
  4. Articles are published => Enjoy it!
What we offer:
  • Catalog with filtering (category, language, location) and sorting (traffic, Ahrefs, Moz, followers, price and more)
  • Wide audience reach – web, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter
  • International reach – Czech, English, German, Polish, Slovak,
  • Articles will be written by the publisher, PR Yard editorial staff or you can deliver them yourself
  • Checking articles before publishing – you have it under control (visual editor)
  • Communication with the editor and publisher throughout the trade (internal chat)
  • Export URLs of purchased PR articles to SEO tools (CSV)
  • One invoice for PR articles, credit is taken off only after publication (CZK, EUR, USD, VAT payers, reverse charge)
  • We will also connect you with copywriters and translators

Where to get Advertorials

2749x Websites
220x Instagram
84x Facebook
14x Youtube
4x Twitter

1301x Czech

161x Slovak

147x German

29x Polish

1424x English

Customer testimonials

PR Yard saves a lot of our time and human resources, when setting up social media campaigns and communicating with influencers. We also use it to get top-quality back-links.

Lukáš Voplakal,

Top-quality articles and link-building are the fundament. PR Yard helps us get publishers in the specified fields to boost the link profile of our website in a highly competitive environment.

Vít Dlouhý,

We used PR Yard when seeking bloggers and media space to raise the awareness of our brand. We are very satisfied with the proposition and services.

Jan Škaroupka,

Content marketing

Content marketing on the Internet means creating and distributing content that catches the eye of Internet visitors, informs them about your services or product, and encourages them to purchase your services or product. Users consume content on the Internet actively (search engines) or passively (magazines and social networks). Content marketing with the help of advertorials and posts on social networks will help you get the necessary information to consumers of content where they are looking for or consuming it.

What is a advertorial?

A advertorial is an advertising article written by an editor as regular media content. Thanks to this technique, the reader does not perceive the article (message) as an advertising article (message). The reader sees the article as a practical informative text. Hence, paid or sponsored articles are part of what is called subliminal advertising. Advertorial is an acronym for “a paid advertising article”. Term “advertorial”, which is composed of two English words, “advert” and “editorial”. The PR yard platform offers various advertorials in Czech, English and Slovak.

Link-building through advertorials

Advertorials are frequently used as a method of link-building. Link-building is a term for getting other websites to link back to your website. Internet search engines rank websites in their results (SERP) in order of popularity. To determine the popularity of each website, the search engines use various resources called signals. The popularity of a website is derived mainly its back-links. The popularity of individual websites differs, which some SEO tools express in the form of “rank”. More popular website is ranked higher. The PR Yard catalogue allows you  Domain-rank and Alexa-rank (ranking in reverse order i.e. the higher the worse).

Influencer marketing

Some search engines see as a signal also references in social media. With PR Yard, you can buy advertorials not only on websites, but also from influencers on social media. The influencer is a person with one or more social media accounts followed by scores (thousands to hundreds of thousands) of followers. “Follower” is an term for a person following a particular influencer across social media.

Advertorials or posts on social media will help not only as a source of back-links and signals for search engines, but also as a source of real visitors. At the same time, the articles will boost your brand awareness. A skilful influencer has the potential to raise your e-shop sales and profit.

PR Yard Assistance

Do you find it too difficult? Need to buy back-links or posts on social media? Use the services of PR Yard Assistance!

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