Do you want to try a paid job in a startup, where the company structure is changing faster than seasons? Do you want to try planned failure to find the best way? Do you want to negotiate with the biggest companies, publishers and most known influencers?

PR Yard is an online media market, which sells articles in online newspapers and posts by influencers through sales catalog.

In this dynamic environment only the best succeed, to be average is not enough. You will be given tasks and it is up to you, how you do accomplish them and to evaluate if it is efficient. Effort is not appreciated, we want a smart outcome.

We work in week-long cycles. Company meetings are always on wednesday. We have an office in Liberec, where you can come, but there our boss only plays hide and seek with his shadow.

Working positions are general in our company so you can do whatever you are good at. Send us your CV and what would you want to do, in which field would you want to improve and earn experience. We will invite you for an interview and together we discuss our shared possibilities.

Internships are based on agreement for two months or longer and at the end you will stay working in our company or we will give you written references.

At the time we have this free positions:

Marketing specialist
Sales representative – advertisers
Customer service – publishers (online print)
Copywriter – PPP evangelist
Programmer – Php/Mysql/Twig/Jquery
Secretary – (backoffice) support of company procedures

Contact person for internships:
Martin Jersák

Have you read all the way down there? Then do not let this startup ride slip through your fingertips and send us your CV with a motivational letter, where you describe what we need to improve and why.


PR Yard media s.r.o.
Company registration number: 07840772
VAT-ID: CZ07840772


Švermova 268
460 10 Liberec
Czech Republic


Phone: +420 774 776 765 (czech, german, polish speaker)

Customer service:

Mon-Fri: 3:00AM – 11:00AM (ET)