Commercial terms and conditions


PR Yard is a platform to spread reviews and recommendations by influencers over social media, blogs and to win unique contents regardless of the topic and language.

Paid posts: blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Languages: Czech, English, German, Polish, Slovak.

Types of services: copywriting incl. translations in the enlisted languages.

Applied terms

  • User – a natural person or corporate entity (organisation) with full legal capacity
  • Buyer – a user buying paid posts or content
  • Seller – a user supplying paid posts or content
  • Publisher – the website provider
  • Content creator – a user creating various contents based on an order such as texts incl. translations
  • Advertorial – a post ordered and paid for, developed and published on websites or social media
  • Paid content – copywriting incl. translations ordered and paid for


PR Yard media s.r.o.
Nová Ves 272
46331 Nová ves
Company registration number: 07840772
VAT ID: CZ07840772

Organisation recorded in Company Register at Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem, Section C File 43095.

Phone: +420 774 776 765 (Czech speaking)


Platform contains a credit system. The amounts on the platform are displayed VAT exclusive. Buyer can see the prices including commission. Seller can see the prices excluding commission.

Buyer will top up the credit in his/her local currency through conversion to the Provider’s bank account or by paying online using the payment card. Provider will return unused credit upon request via internal support. Completed deals are deducted from the Buyer’s credit.

Completed deals are added to the Seller’s credit. Upon request, Provider will pay out the credit to Seller at the user cashdesk.

For accounts without activity for more than 1 year, the remaining credit to the operator is forfeited. To keep the credit on the account, the user is obliged to visit his account in time before the end of the one-year period since the last visit.


Buyer shall not accept requests for proposal that do not comply with the local law and good manners.


The advertiser writes the required data in the specified form and thus creates an order. After creating the order, the advertiser can select from the offered pages in the catalogue and send orders. After placing an enquiry, the advertiser will be offered publishers with their pages and pages not published in the catalogue. The advertiser chooses from these offers. When an article writing service is added, the publisher proposes the content to the advertiser for publication and together they can discuss it in an internal chat before acceptance by the advertiser. When purchasing only a stand-alone publication, the advertiser will be asked to supply content for publication, which the publisher will then publish. After the publication, the publisher will send the url of the post, which will be displayed to the advertiser in the query details.


Buyer is a user seeking various contents such as copywriting including translations for its internal use. By completing a form, Buyer will create a request for proposal. After placing the RFP, Buyer may choose content creators from the public catalogue and send out direct requests, After placing the RFP, content creators will start offering their skills incl. those not published in the catalogue Buyer can choose from the proposals. Content creator will deliver the completed content to Buyer (which they both may communicate in an internal chat before accepted by Buyer). After finishing the deal, Buyer may rate his or her satisfaction with the deal in the form of asterisks (from 1, dissatisfied to 5, absolutely satisfied)


User having a website or social media account having relevant user rights.

Using a specific form, User will add a space to the system to be offered for the placement of paid posts. User must not add space that violates local laws or good manners. Each new space must be first approved by system administrators. Only sites that meet the minimum standards listed below are accepted.


  1. Ahrefs DR10+
  2. The value of organic keywords and organic traffic is equal to or higher than Ahrefs DR
  3. The number of referring domains is at most 10 times greater than the number of domains that link to the site
  4. Referring domains are >50% dofollow
  5. Backlinks are <50% nofollow

Social accounts: 

  1. Minimum 1000 followers
  2. Minimum 1% engagement

After a space is visible to the public in the catalogue, User may expect receiving direct proposals from Buyers. Publisher/influencer may accept the proposal and promptly complete it. RFP for all approved advert spaces will be displayed on the screen. The RFP then waits for being accepted by Buyer. Once accepted, publisher/influencer may promptly complete the content (to be approved) or, publish the delivered content. Once the post is published, publisher/influencer will add respective URL to the platform. After checked by administrators, the post will be paid for to the user.

If required by law, User must mark all paid commercial posts as paid advertising.

Content creator

User developing various contents such as copywriting including translations under instructions received from Buyer.

Using a specific form, user will develop a relevant profile. All new profiles or old renovated (updated) profiles must be first approved by system administrators. Once a profile is visible to the public in the catalogue, User may expect receiving direct proposals from Buyers. Content creator may accept the proposal and promptly complete it. With the profile being approved, RFP for the content creator’s works will be displayed on the screen. The RFP is on the proposal waiting for Buyer’s acceptance. Once accepted, content creator may promptly complete the content (to be approved). Once approved by Buyer, the delivered content will be paid for.


Contractual relationship between the parties is established after completing the registration form on the website and the agreeing with these terms and conditions. The registration form must be filled out completely and correctly. User will confirm the registration by clicking on the link sent by e-mail to an address specified upon the registration.

Provider reserves the right to terminate at his or her discretion the contract anytime throughout the service period.

Service user may terminate the contract anytime by written notice sent by email to followed by cancelling the account. The notice takes effect as of the date of delivery. The rights and duties valid until the termination of the service shall survive the delivery of the notice.

After receiving the notice, User will complete all deals in process. The remaining portion of credit will be sent to Buyer onto an account from which the most recent payment was made. The accrued credit will be sent to Seller’s bank account.

All inactive account will be cancelled after 3 (three) years. Unpaid credit will be used by the provider at his sole discretion.

Liability limitation

Provider shall not be liable for the correctness, truthfulness and lawfulness of the content of the paid posts or created contents. Provider shall not be liable for any losses incurred in this context by users or third parties.

Provider shall not be liable for losses incurred by users of the platform. The extent of Provider’s liability shall not exceed the amount paid to Seller for the previous calendar month in which the loss was incurred. The extent of Provider’s liability shall not exceed the amount paid by Buyer for paid posts or created content for the previous calendar month in which the loss was incurred.

No platform user shall be liable for losses caused by extraordinary circumstances known as “acts of god” (technological outage, power-cut, decision of authorities, war, terrorist attack, revolution, flood, natural disaster…).

Parties to the contract take into account that liability limitation constitutes a prerequisite for the user to participate in the platform constituting an integral part of the contract.

User duties

It is prohibited for the users of this platform to participate in any activity that may damage the good reputation of the system, Provider or affiliated entities./p>

It is prohibited for the users of this platform to participate in any activity that may – using technical tools – disturb the operation of the platform or affiliated entities.

It is prohibited for the users of this platform to participate in any activity that may – using technical tools or other means – receive bulk data or information from the system.

It is prohibited for the users of this platform to insert RFP for spaces that may violate local law or good manners.

Each user of the platform must provide truthful data and not to manipulate the data to confuse the reader. Provider may require from the user of the platform to proof the correctness of facts displayed by the platform user.

It is prohibited for the user of the platform to alter the content or visual form of the approved and paid for posts during the time of being published for the consumers of the advertising space.

Personal data

Each platform user shall have the obligation to treat all data about Provider and the system as confidential information unless otherwise agreed in writing with Provider. Confidential information means all information not in the public domain, in particular information about technology, source code, policies and documents, technical parameters and other documents related to Provider or the system.

Each platform user agrees that his or her personal data provided upon the registration may be collected, stored and processed (name and surname, place of residence, phone no., email). The purpose of personal data processing is the provision of services to the users of the platform. Each platform user agrees that Provider may use his or her name and surname (company name) in its marketing materials on its website, financial reports and customer lists. The consent applies to the duration of the cooperation between the parties plus 10 more years after ending the cooperation.

The user may revoke his consent to the collection, storage and processing of his personal data by requesting the deletion of personal data at

Each platform user accepts the risk of changed circumstances and dismisses the application of a clause on inappropriate reduction or use of business habits.

It is forbidden for a platform user to transfer any of its rights or duties arising from the terms and conditions to a third party without the prior consent from Provider. In the case of breaching the duty, Provider may, without prior warning suspend the user’s account with all consequences until the clarification of the position.


Provider reserves the right to change the terms and conditions in particular to enhance the quality of service within relevant scope including other related services. The new or updated terms and conditions shall be sent by Provider to the platform user’s contact email. If the platform user does not agree with the new terms and conditions he may terminate the services (see Contractual relationship) .

No waiver: If a platform user or Provider fails to submit a claim against any provision of the terms and conditions immediately it does not prejudice any future claims.

Updated: 20/04/2022.


PR Yard media s.r.o.
Company registration number: 07840772
VAT-ID: CZ07840772


Švermova 268
460 10 Liberec
Czech Republic


Phone: +420 774 776 765 (czech, german, polish speaker)

Customer service:

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