We all kind of know who an influencer is by now, as well as the fact that many brands use them to promote themselves. The whole concept of influencer marketing works because of their powerful influence, and we've compiled 3 reasons why it pays to include one in your campaign.

A more intimate relationship

People trust influencers. They follow them voluntarily, unlike PPC ads. They spend dozens of minutes scrolling through posts on social media and only some of them really make an impact. The greatest value of these is then a recommendation from a familiar face.

Targeting the right segment

Influencers post their own topics in their own specific way. It is this unique distinction that makes their fans a "narrower segment". By leveraging influencer promotion, you'll tap into this segment.

Mutual interest

Influencers themselves are interested in establishing collaborations with brands. And they too are particularly looking for collaborations that make sense for them. Registering with PR Yard then makes not only the selection process, but the entire collaboration process easier.

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Content marketing

Create and distribute content that engages internet visitors, informs them about your services or product, and is designed to encourage them to purchase your services or product. Users consume content on the internet actively (search engines) or passively (magazines and social networks). Content marketing using PR articles and social media posts will help you get the necessary information to content consumers where they are looking for it or consuming it.

Advertorials (PR articles)

PR articles are advertising articles written by an editor as regular media content. Readers often don’t perceive the advertising message as an advertisement, but as a handy informative article. Paid or sponsored articles therefore belong to subliminal advertising. PR articles is an abbreviation used in the Czech language for the expression “paid advertising articles”. In professional circles, the term “advertorials” – a composite of “advert” and “editorial” (an article written by an editor) – tends to be used. On the PR Yard platform, you can order PR articles in English, Czech, Slovak, Polish and German.

Link building using paid articles

Paid articles are often used as a link-building method. Link-building is a term meaning to get backlinks. Internet search engines rank pages in search results (SERPs) according to the popularity of the page. Multiple sources called signals are used to evaluate site popularity. The popularity of the site is mainly determined by backlinks. Each page has a certain popularity, which some SEO tools try to express using a “rank”. A page with higher popularity should have a higher rank. In the PR Yard catalogue, you can sort by statistics from Ahrefs (+ MOZ).