Keywords are used by virtually every Internet user. What do we mean by them, why are they important in the context of internet marketing and how to find the right ones? All important information about keywords can be found in this article.

What are keywords?

In the context of searching for content using search engines (Google, Seznam, etc.), keywords are queries from users. These can be single-word (e.g. car) terms called "short-tail keywords" and multi-word terms (e.g. new car for lease) called "long-tail keywords" , after which the search engine will display a page of relevant results.

Short-tail keywords

Short-tail or generic words (if you want short) offer quite limited possibilities, as they are a maximum of 2 words. Their limitation comes down to the fact that such a phrase as "pizza" or "engagement ring" simply hits a ceiling in the users' limited vocabulary, with a maximum of a dozen phrases that make sense. These words have very high traffic and are more expensive to target, given that they are quite likely to be used by competitors.

Long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords or specific words (if you want long phrases) are short-tail keywords supplemented with additional terms. Users have become accustomed to the fact that search engines often really cater to them - either by correcting grammar or by whispering. Therefore, they are not afraid to type these phrases into searches and hope to find the result among the first links. These might be phrases such as 'How to lose weight as quickly as possible' or 'Family holidays in Egypt'. These words, unlike short-tail phrases, have lower traffic but a much higher conversion rate. The selection is much higher and the right setup leads to more successful campaigns. These days they account for about 95% of search volume.

Why are they a key pillar of internet marketing?

There is a very clear answer to the question of why keywords should be considered in online marketing - keyword analysis helps to uncover user behaviour and intent.

The results of keyword analysis are important for website optimization (SEO) and for creating PPC campaigns. They are also one of the main aspects in the design of the site architecture and, last but not least, they can be used to decide on the breadth of the product range or service offer, etc.

The most frequently typed keywords on Google

In the Czech internet environment, the most searched queries on Google include the most used services such as,, or Users also very often enter sub-services from Google into their searches, such as translators, weather and maps.

According to Ahrefs, Facebook is the most frequently typed keyword in the global rankings. This is followed by YouTube, Amazon, weather and Walmart.

A significant proportion of the most searched keywords are words and phrases related to erotic content.

How to find out the searchability of keywords?

Keyword searches can be found using internal search engine tools. For Google there is Google Keyword Planner, for Seznam Sklik Keyword Suggestion.

However, the use of Google Keyword Planner is limited. The tool does not display absolute numbers, but only ranges (e.g. 100-1000 etc.). After investing a sufficient amount within Google Ads, it then displays data for entire clusters (i.e. the volume of a group of similar queries) and not for individual queries.

More accurate results can be obtained using paid tools such as Ahrefs, Semrush or Moz. Among the Czech tools, Marketing Miner and Collabim lead the way.

How to find the right keywords?

Using the right keywords is crucial in getting relevant traffic. But how do you know which ones are best? Generally ones that have high relevance, sufficient searchability - and at the same time low competition within organic search results. If you target keywords with these characteristics, it will be much easier for you to occupy the top ranks of the SERPs.

So when searching for the best keywords, keep an eye on both search and competition and choose the words with the most potential.

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Content marketing

Create and distribute content that engages internet visitors, informs them about your services or product, and is designed to encourage them to purchase your services or product. Users consume content on the internet actively (search engines) or passively (magazines and social networks). Content marketing using PR articles and social media posts will help you get the necessary information to content consumers where they are looking for it or consuming it.

Advertorials (PR articles)

PR articles are advertising articles written by an editor as regular media content. Readers often don’t perceive the advertising message as an advertisement, but as a handy informative article. Paid or sponsored articles therefore belong to subliminal advertising. PR articles is an abbreviation used in the Czech language for the expression “paid advertising articles”. In professional circles, the term “advertorials” – a composite of “advert” and “editorial” (an article written by an editor) – tends to be used. On the PR Yard platform, you can order PR articles in English, Czech, Slovak, Polish and German.

Link building using paid articles

Paid articles are often used as a link-building method. Link-building is a term meaning to get backlinks. Internet search engines rank pages in search results (SERPs) according to the popularity of the page. Multiple sources called signals are used to evaluate site popularity. The popularity of the site is mainly determined by backlinks. Each page has a certain popularity, which some SEO tools try to express using a “rank”. A page with higher popularity should have a higher rank. In the PR Yard catalogue, you can sort by statistics from Ahrefs (+ MOZ).