Publication date setting

This article follows up on the earlier article “Expiration of trades or that the order does not fall asleep”. When an advertiser submits text for publication or approves a draft advertorial for publication to the publisher, the publisher should publish the advertorial within 5 days.

Sometimes an advertiser agrees with a publisher on a publication on a special day (Valentine’s Day) or the editorial office has a large “overpressure” of advertorials in a short period of time and has to spread the publication over several days. In this case, a period of 5 days may not be sufficient. For such cases, there is a new publication date setting in the form for sending the URL of the published paper.

Entering a planned publication date will postpone the expiration of the business and has its own rules. The date of publication must not be more than 14 days from the original expiration. The expiration is set on the day of publication at midnight. The newly set publication date will always make an entry in the trade history and a new message notification will be sent to the advertiser.