Faster response to new requests

Publishers see by their websites the corresponding demand to which they can offer. Requests are matched with websites according to the type of “location” (web, Instagram, Facebook,…) and according to the language (Czech, Slovak, …).

The publisher can offer his website for request, and thus his website will be highlighted to the advertiser in the catalog if it is set to “display in the catalog”. If the site has been disabled from “display in the catalog”, the publisher’s bid will be displayed to the advertiser and highlighted. The advertiser can also filter the “bids only” option in the catalog When a publisher rejects a request, the website listing is hidden to the advertiser in the catalog if the page is set to “show in catalog”.

When the publisher responded to advertisers’ offers, the entire page reloaded. This full page loading was inconvenient and took a long time. This functionality has recently been redesigned using the AJAX technique. Responding to requests is now instant and animated for publishers. With new functionality, publishers can now respond more easily to inquiries and save time spent waiting for a page to reload.