New Catalog 3.0

An update of the catalog of websites and social accounts has been deployed, which makes the catalog an e-shop with the option of purchasing advertorials with variants. It couldn’t be easier (it can, but not until next time). The goal is to simplify the purchase of articles as much as possible and make it as simple as in an eshop. The new catalog brings changes in functioning and nomenclature.

When writing an order (formerly called a campaign), the buyer (advertiser) no longer has to choose whether he wants “publication only” or “writing and publication”. Newly, he chooses these services only for an individual purchase in the catalog with the option to
purchase additional services of the site (for example, an extra long article, or the promotion of an article on Facebook). More information below.

Filtering in the catalog has moved from the top above the catalog to the left instead of the menu, as is customary in e-shops. Filtering is always in sight and you can adjust the results as needed. There is still a limit that a maximum of 500 records can be displayed per view.

Gray question marks have been added to the catalog, which will display help text related to the page (label, detailed price list, statistics) when the mouse is moved.

The catalog shows the basic price for the publication, and when you hover the mouse over the question mark at the price, a help with the entire price list will pop up. When you click on “Buy”, a new window will pop up with the whole price list in which you select (check) the services you require.

Writing an advertorial has new specifics. The advertorial can be written by the site operator (written by the author) or by the copywriters of the PR Yard service (written by PR Yard). If you do not choose one of these options, the system will ask you to deliver the advertorial for publication in the trade detail. Writing from the author of the page can
sometimes be mandatory if the owner of the page does not publish texts written by someone else. If you choose the advertorial to be written by PR Yard, you will receive an original written article with a length of 2 standard pages (3000 characters without spaces, approximately 500 words).

Below the price list, the price for the selected services is added up, you can adjust this final price and thus make a counter-offer to the seller. Warning: significantly lower counter-offers are often rejected.

Thanks to the changes listed above, the whole process of buying advertorials is now easier and faster. Currently, you can choose from 1,400 pages and social accounts, mostly in Czech and Slovak. The Polish websites will start to increase in January and the German websites in February.