Expiration of trades or that the order does not fall asleep

Trade expiration is used to control the progress of trades so that no trade falls asleep and each trade is completed. Each advertorial purchase has its own sequence of events. These events have a time limit until when they are to take place and we call them the “expiration” of a trade or advertorial. The course of trading may differ due to the variability
of the marketplace, but the basic framework of trading events is as follows.

  1. Trade offer
  2. Acceptance of the bid by the counterparty
  3. Delivery of a draft advertorial + chat about the form of the advertorial
  4. Approval of draft advertorial
  5. Publishing an advertorial
  6. Advertorial check and payment

Expiration is set to 3 days from the beginning of each event. Only for the delivery of the draft advertorial and publication it is 5 days. At each subsequent step, the expiration shifts by the specified time. Due to the expiration, both parties of the trade have a time frame within which they should react or the counterparty should react.

If the original expiration (delivery of the advertorial proposal – 5 days) is longer than the chat expiration (3 days), a longer expiration date is always set.

Expiration has expired – what will happen?

When a trade expires, the expired trade is highlighted in red to the administrators first and “someone” starts solving it. In the first round, the administrator calls the trade participant at whom the trade fell asleep and reminds him of the trade. In case of a problem, he tries to communicate the remedy. If he is not able to reach the trade participant via phone call, an information email is sent.

In the case of non-response to the offer or non-delivery of the draft advertorial, the trade will be canceled within 24 hours of expiration. The advertiser’s credit will be unblocked.

If the advertiser does not check the draft of the advertorial or does not respond to the publisher’s questions, the administrator takes over his work and tries to respond responsibly for the advertiser according to the instructions in the assignment.

Our goal is not to let any business fall asleep, to communicate with the advertiser or publisher in case of problems, and to help complete the business to the satisfaction of both participants.