Setting the price of services

An update has been deployed today that changes the internal workings of pricing between seller and advertiser.

Now the seller (editor, influencer) enters the basic price for the publication in the settings of his site (social account) and adds the price for the services that the advertiser can buy.

The first service that the seller can set is the price for writing an advertorial (creating a post). If he does not fill in the price, writing the advertorial by the author of the site will not be offered. In this case, the advertorial will be delivered to the seller already written. If the seller publishes only advertorials written by him, he will tick “I only publish my texts”.

In addition, the seller can add another (up to) 3 services that advertisers will be able to purchase. The services include, for example: “extra long article, guarantee of annual display on the main page, promotion on the Facebook account associated with the page”.

The advertiser now sets the price for the trade as needed. If your price seems high, he can send you an offer according to his price preferences. The setting of the price by the seller for individual inquiries has been canceled. This systemic change will allow for greater purchase variability for the advertiser and a faster process for offering your site to the seller.