Blog Tutorial

Switch demand on and off

An overview of the status of your publication requests can be found in the “Requests” menu. In the list of requests, there are icons like on your music player, which will indicate the current status to you with a color like on a traffic light.

● Start (right arrow, green) – the request is running. All publishers and influencers see it, and they can make offers to you.
● Stop (two vertical lines, orange) – demand is suspended. Only you see it.
● Cancel (cross, red) – you will delete the request from your administration.

The newly created advertorial/post sets a request to “Stop” (orange). You can also place direct orders in the catalog even with the request turned off.

Turn on demand

By clicking on the left arrow button, the request will start and will be visible to publishers and influencers. When the request is on, it has its arrow wheel green.

Turn off demand

You can turn off running request again when you no longer want more offers. Just click on the middle button with two vertical lines. Stopped request has its circle with lines orange.

Deleting a request

If you no longer want to see a request in your report, you can delete it. Click on the right button with a cross to delete the request from your list. The records in the cash register remain visible.