Login via social networks

User: “We don’t like to register and we want to go there now!”

PR Yard: “What? OMG ?! Hmmm… All right! 🙂 “

This is how the development of the new system of registration and login to PR Yard took place.

We do not like to register

We have canceled mandatory registrations. Yes, they are canceled! From now on you don’t have to register, you just log in. If you have not created an account, it will be created automatically for you and the system will log you in immediately.

And we want to be there now

Another novelty is logging in via the social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google. You do not need to be registered, your account will be created automatically the first time you log in. Just click on the button with your social network and allow PR Yard authorization to log in to the social network.

If you are logging in to PR Yard for the first time, you will be asked to fill in the necessary data after logging in. If your social network provides the necessary data when logging in, they will be automatically preset for you and we will not ask you for them.

Try a new login with automatic registration here.