Who will write the ordered article

You can (a) add your own advertorial to the purchased advertorial publication. Another option is to order (b) writing an article from the author (editor) of the website or from our (c) PR Yard editors.

You choose who writes the article in the last step of the order in the catalog. After clicking on “Buy” in the catalog, a window with the details of the order will pop up, where you will “check” the
required services.

The publication is always first and is always checked. If you only buy publication, you supply the advertorial. In the next step, the system will prompt you to enter the content of the advertorial for publication using the internal wysiwyg editor.

Select writing an advertorial from the author if you want the advertorial to be written by the author (editor) of the website. This option may not be available if the author of the website does
not write advertorials, but only publishes. If the author publishes only advertorials written by him, this option is mandatory.

Select writing from PR Yard if you want to write an advertorial from our editorial office. The standard length of the article is more than 2 standard pages with delivery within 3 days. We currently offer editorial services in Czech and Slovak.

Other services – the order form can contain up to 3 other services offered by the publisher. For example, an extra long article, promotion of an article on a Facebook channel, promotion of an article in a newsletter.

The total price is displayed next to the order button. If the price seems too high, you can adjust it and suggest a lower price.