Once the publication of an article has been ordered, a list of pending orders will appear on the main administration page. The order will also appear in the details of your request, which you can access via its name in the left menu.

In the order lists, you can add a yellow star by each order to mark and highlight it. Click on the order status to go to the order details.

Order process

  1. Order confirmation
  2. Delivery of draft articles
  3. Publication review

1. Order confirmation

Entries in the catalogue have a white or yellow tint. Yellow listings are direct offers from publishers directly for your enquiry. If you order a yellow record without changing the price offered, the deal is immediately valid and considered confirmed. If you order a white record or request a discount for a yellow record, the publisher must confirm your order within 3 days. If they do not confirm it, the order is cancelled.

2. Delivery of draft article

In the order, you can optionally choose “written by site author” or “written by PR Yard editors”. If you do not select an option, the system will prompt you to enter the content of the article into the specified form. If you choose “written by site author” or “written by PR Yard editor” you will receive a draft article for review within 5 days. You will be notified by email about the delivery of the draft article. 90% of the PR Yard editorial office delivers an article within 3 days.

For the article, you can write comments to the author or editor about the text delivered to you for editing. To do so, use the window below the draft article.

If the draft article is not approved or commented on within 3 days of the last communication, the assigned reviewer will check the delivered draft. If the published article corresponds to the specifications, the reviewer approves it for publication. If there is no response, the reviewer marks it as an advertiser to the author/editor. If the author ignores requests to modify the draft article, the reviewer may cancel the order by agreement with the advertiser.

3. Publication review

Once the draft article has been approved, the publisher must publish it within 5 days. If it is not possible to publish the article in this time limit, for example because the publication plan is full, the publisher enters the expected publication date in the system.

The published article is first checked by the PR Yard editors for content compliance with the approved article draft and to determine whether there are any other problems (overlapping with advertising).

After that, the publication is approved and the advertiser is informed of this by email, with a link to the article. If the advertiser requires a change (a change of company address, a download of the article) in the article after publication has been approved, just write to internal support (bottom left menu) and our reviewers will arrange everything with the editor.

Once approved, each article undergoes a weekly review, and any changes to or the deletion of the article are automatically resolved with the editors. The advertiser can track the results of the check in the left menu under “My articles”.

Order expiration

The order overview also shows the order expiration date. The expiration date and time is intended for information and indicates when further action with the order should take place. Sometimes the expiration results in the termination of the order (the acceptance of the offer, delivery of a proposal, publication of the article) to prevent the advertiser from needlessly blocking funds on an order that has not worked out. Sometimes expiration results in activity by the reviewer, who, on behalf of the advertiser, publisher or editor, relays what the problem is by phone or email and arranges for a correction to be made (the draft article has not been checked, there has been no response to comments). The reviewer’s main aim is to complete the order successfully.

Step timing

  1. Issuer approval of offer or counteroffer – 3 days.
  2. Delivery of the draft article – 5 days.
  3. Reaction to the draft article or comments by the counterparty – 3 days. The expiration is always set in relation to the last comment.
  4. Article publication – 5 days or set publication date.

Order detail

You may see messages from the editor or publisher at the top of the page. Click the “OK” button to confirm that you have read the message and the message will then be hidden. The message will remain recorded in the order history (timeline) at the bottom of the page.

The first block contains technical information about the page, including its description.

The second block contains a form for inserting or approving a draft article. If you are waiting to write from the author or editor, this block may not be displayed temporarily.

The third block contains a form for sending a message to the editor or publisher. Communication forms are dynamically displayed according to the order status.

The fourth block contains the trade history in the form of a timeline. Important milestones and communications with the editor or publisher are recorded here.

Supervision of orders

All orders are continuously checked by designated reviewers, who actively intervene if there are any ambiguities or problems. Even after completion, completed orders are machine-checked approximately once a week. If there are any problems, the reviewers actively address them again.

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Content marketing

Create and distribute content that engages internet visitors, informs them about your services or product, and is designed to encourage them to purchase your services or product. Users consume content on the internet actively (search engines) or passively (magazines and social networks). Content marketing using PR articles and social media posts will help you get the necessary information to content consumers where they are looking for it or consuming it.

Advertorials (PR articles)

PR articles are advertising articles written by an editor as regular media content. Readers often don’t perceive the advertising message as an advertisement, but as a handy informative article. Paid or sponsored articles therefore belong to subliminal advertising. PR articles is an abbreviation used in the Czech language for the expression “paid advertising articles”. In professional circles, the term “advertorials” – a composite of “advert” and “editorial” (an article written by an editor) – tends to be used. On the PR Yard platform, you can order PR articles in English, Czech, Slovak, Polish and German.

Link building using paid articles

Paid articles are often used as a link-building method. Link-building is a term meaning to get backlinks. Internet search engines rank pages in search results (SERPs) according to the popularity of the page. Multiple sources called signals are used to evaluate site popularity. The popularity of the site is mainly determined by backlinks. Each page has a certain popularity, which some SEO tools try to express using a “rank”. A page with higher popularity should have a higher rank. In the PR Yard catalogue, you can sort by statistics from Ahrefs (+ MOZ).